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Foton Thunder Strike 4x2

Php 998,000

Foton Thunder Ironman 4x4

Php 1,248,000

Foton Thunder 4x4

Php 1,248,000

Foton Toplander 4x2

Php 998,000

Foton Thunder 2.8 E

Php 840,000

Foton Toano 2.8

Php 1,688,000

Foton Thunder 4x2

Php 998,000

Foton View Traveller 16-Seater

Php 1,348,000

Foton Toplander Xtreme 4x4

Php 1,498,000

Foton View Ambulance

Php 990,000

Foton Toplander Executive 4x4

Php 1,398,000

Foton View Transvan 15-Seater

Php 975,000